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3D light block letters signage (1x2.4m)

Powerful appearance and long-range visibility.

Acrylic is translucent material that has a marvelous chemistry with light. Block letter acrylic signage which are typically lit from inside appear to be bold and fresh. Sharpness of appearance can be controlled by choosing different opacity material for the face and the lining. 3D letters protruding out from a surface leaves a lasting memory impression about your outlet. These are truly in trend and deserves the limelight.

Be aware that 3D block letters will inevitably be clogged with dust around sharp corners. Water may seep in from poorly sealed edges and corner and damage internal wiring. Hence, quality workmanship plays a most important role in crafting acrylic block letter signage.

Available Print Dimensions: 1m x 2.4m

  • PriceTSh 1,300,000

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